Usability and Accessibility Services

User Vision provides accessibility and usability testing, training and advice for all stages of development to help you optimise the user experience of your website, software, or product. These services encompass the following related areas:

User experience evaluations

Our evaluation will help you discover which aspects help or hinder the experience of your users. Through this review we identify the main usability issues and prioritise recommended actions for improvement so you get the most from your design budget.

Usability testing

Our usability testing provides you with the empirical evidence and deep level of understanding required to improve the success and satisfaction of your customers. The insights gained are invaluable and often surprising, with users behaving very differently than expected by the designers and developers.

Accessibility services

Accessible design principles, when applied, often result in a significant increase in the usability of interfaces to non-disabled users as well as disabled users. Our accessibility services will indicate the accessibility of your site and we will also give pointers to how accessibility can be optimised in a pragmatic and cost effective way.


Our fully portable eye-tracking service will complement our user experience work by effectively ‘reading the mind’ of users by following and presenting their eye movements, in real time, as they use and interact with a web site, mobile device and even a TV advert, video or print advertisement.

Emotion & Attention Research

Find out what emotional impact your design has on customers. What sense do they make of it? How do they look at it? We use a combination of psycho-physiological, behavioural and attitudinal research to build up a 360° psychological profile of your customer’s emotional response to your work.

Information architecture analysis

We apply proven techniques such as card sorting categorisation and affinity mapping to ensure that your website, software or product is designed to match the goals of the users and incorporates clear, meaningful labels to support navigation and task completion.

Product usability

User Vision offers a full user centered design consultancy service for both product and software lifecycle developments. From user requirements capture through to post release evaluations in the field the comprehensive service offering is designed to ensure your product meets the expectations of the target audience.

User-centred design consultancy

Our consultancy service can be used at any time during a project’s lifespan but it is most effective when applied on an ongoing basis right from the start. We can put you on the right track from the start through information architecture analysis, heuristic evaluation, competitor analysis, task analysis, user profiling, scenario creation and developing usability criteria and metrics.

Usability and accessibility training

Train your staff in how to create, develop and maintain usable and accessible websites, software and products. Our public and in-house training courses can be customised to suit your organisation’s specific requirements and time constraints.

Viewing Facility

We offer a stylish and modern viewing facility in the heart of Edinburgh. Facilities available include focus group room with observation, usability test labs and a training room.


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Fortune 1000 companies that do not adopt usability engineering practices waste approximately $1.5M to $2.1M each year on website redesigns without knowing whether the experience of customers is improved

Forrester Research Group, Why most web sites fail.