Usability testing

The insights gained from usability testing are essential for creating a truly user-centred website, software application or product. It allows the design team to look through the eyes of the user, identifying potential usability issues before release and allowing them to be corrected in a highly cost-effective manner.

Usability testing: How it works

Based on task analysis, user profiling and your organisational or business objectives, we create realistic task scenarios for test subjects to follow. Pre-identified, measurable goals ensure you can see progress in usability across iterative testing and development cycles.

During the testing, each participant performs a series of tasks and ‘thinks aloud’ to describe their steps to reach the task goal. Our test facilitator observes and records the user’s actions, thoughts and opinions with data logging software, and where necessary, asks questions to better understand the person’s strategy and experience.

The testing can take place in our own modern usability testing lab or using our portable usability lab in a quiet office area at the client’s site.  

If time or budget are considerations for you, User Vision focus now offers secure web streaming via a high quality broadband connection, enabling you to achieve the geographic coverage you need for your research, without having to leave your office.  There is no limit to how many people can securely log in to our encrypted connection to observe sessions in real-time, and you can even watch sessions up to 20 days after at no extra cost, giving you extra flexibility.  If you need to message your colleagues or even the moderator themselves throughout the sessions you observe to exchange views or share ideas, that is also possible.  For clients with colleagues in different parts of the UK or even overseas, this is an extremely powerful and cost effective solution.  Let us know if you would like to book our web streaming option, or talk to us to request more information.

Usability testing: The results

Usability testing captures a rich picture of a customer’s interactions with the system, from which many lessons can be learned. Results are available in a range of formats. A written report with annotated screen or product images describes all the usability problems identified during the tests along with recommended solutions and priority ratings. Videotapes from the testing can also be edited into a ‘highlights’ summary tape showing instances of key usability obstacles.

What to do next 

To find out how usability testing can benefit your organisation and to receive a no obligation quotation then please contact us.

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