Product usability

User Vision has extensive experience in the many branches of product usability ensuring that our clients needs are met whatever of the project requirements. User Vision consultants have a broad appreciation of complex technologies coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the usability and accessibility challenges faced by both able-bodied and disabled user groups. Commissioning User Vision ensures that solutions are developed that meet both the market and user needs.

Human Factors Consultancy

Our approach and style of working with clients can be adapted to meet your specific project requirements. We are happy to work as part of your internal project team or we can provide advice and support on an as required basis. We take time to understand your requirements and business so we can provide appropriate advice. We develop and conduct Usability Tests and can advise on design solutions, compliance with legislation, and all potential Human Factors issues. We always aim to offer practical solutions to your problems. Particular areas of product usability expertise are:

  •  Defining user product requirements
  •  Task Analysis
  •  User Needs Analysis
  •  Experimental Design
  •  Anthropometry
  •  Data Analysis and Reporting
  •  Biomechanics
  •  Accessibility
  •  Manual Handling
  •  Expert Reviews

Comparative Evaluations against your competitors products as well your existing product range is critical to the markets perception of your product and its success in the marketplace. By identifying and avoiding some of the usability and accessibility defects of your rivals, you can provide a better customer experience and gain a valuable competitive advantage. Performing this activity will also allow competitive benchmarking for future product developments.

Standards Compliance

To ensure compliance/conformance of your product against the relevant standards bodies User Vision can audit your product. Our accessibility services will ensure your product reaches the widest possible audience. We can conduct usability tests with disabled users to gather empirical evidence on the accessibility of the product. As part of the audit or test we can work with you to determine what accessibility standards your product should conform to and advise you on how best to achieve this.


User-Centered Design (UCD) should be a core part of every product development. Despite a general consensus on a basic approach to UCD, there is often a limited understanding of the process and how it fits into larger development methodologies.
Our consultancy service is the perfect way to overcome the barriers to acceptance by incorporating the user's point of view effectively without negatively impacting overall development schedules. Particular reference is paid to cost benefit analysis relating the benefits back to the overall business objectives. Other training courses offered by User Vision include Accessible Design and Compliance, and UCD Methodologies. However, courses can be tailored to the client individual needs.

What to do next 

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