Mobile User Experience

With the proliferation of mobile phone usage, many of our clients are now seeking ways to create usable and effective mobile sites or mobile applications. User Vision provides a variety of user experience services focusing on improving the mobile experience from both an organisational and user perspective. The key services are:
  • Usability testing 
  • Expert Evaluations
  • Guidelines development
  • Training Courses

Usability testing

Based on task analysis, user profiling and your organisational or business objectives, we create realistic task scenarios for test subjects to follow on a mobile phone or other handheld device. Pre-identified, measurable goals ensure you can see progress in usability across interactive testing and development cycles.

Testing can take place n our interactive lounge or using our portable usability lab in a location of the client's choosing. Our interactive lounge facility can offer multiple observation angles through unobtrusive cameras within the room and on the handset. As a result, it is possible to capture the user's body language and facial expressions. Our clients can view this on a 42" LCD TV in our observation suite to help gain a full understanding of the issues involved first hand. Alternatively, we can capture the session using picture-in-picture emulation software that displays the mobile interface on a PC/TV screen real-time. The entire session is recorded onto DVD for our clients to take away with them. As with other forms of usability testing we can perform all aspects from project planning and recruitment through to report delivery.

Gooseneck Camera - Mobile Usability TestingResults are available in a range of formats. A written report with annotated screen or product images describes all the usability problems identified during the tests along with recommended solutions and priority ratings. Digital recordings from the testing can also be edited into a 'highlights' summary showing instances of key usability obstacles. We can also create a set of mobile design guidelines that will help satisfy both you and your customers needs.

Expert Evaluations

Our consultants are highly experienced in mobile usability, having facilitated many usability test sessions across a variety of industries. An Expert Evaluation is a usability method whereby a consultant evaluates the mobile interface using experience and pre-defined usability heuristics. This type of evaluation does not involved actual users but will highlight a large proportion of issues likely to be raised by users. The consultant assumes the role of the user in order to evaluate the interface with the users' goals in mind. This is a particularly cost effective and rapid method and can be used as an initial 'health check' of your mobile website to identify key usability issues.

Guidelines development

Mobile Usability testing at User VisionThe results derived from both usability testing and/or expert evaluations can be fed into the creation of design guidelines that will help improve the user experience. Tailored guidelines such as these are extremely useful to large teams of developers as it ensures consistency is maintained throughout the design process.

Training Courses

Using our combined knowledge and experience of testing and improving mobile applications, we have created a new mobile training course. It has been designed especially with mobile in mind and illustrates how mobile design principles differ from traditional web design. It aims to equip your team with the right tools and knowledge to produce effective mobile websites.

What to do next

To find out how mobile usability testing can benefit your organisation please contact us.

Good mobile shopping experiences reinforce brand loyalty, with 32% more likely to buy online and 31% more likely to buy offline, or recommend.

ForeSee Results Survey, 2011.