User-Centred Design

Although a little usability work is better than none, and it can still provide benefits even when applied later in the project, the greatest return on investment is obtained when User-Centred Design (UCD) principles are applied from the start and throughout the project. User Vision’s many years of experience in applying and integrating practical usability methods across an extensive range of development projects ensures maximum impact for your budget.

Our consultancy activities

There are several usability activities that we apply to a project as user-centred design consultants:

Competitor analysis

We review your competitors’ websites, software or products to identify the good and bad aspects of them. By identifying and avoiding some of the usability and accessibility defects of your rivals, you can provide a better customer experience and gain a valuable competitive advantage.

Task analysis and user profiling

Understanding tasks from a user’s perspective is vital to creating a successful design. Inaccurate business assumptions about the end user and how they perform tasks result in websites, software and products that can baffle users and deter potential customers. We apply task analysis to fully understand user goals and create profiles to categorise prospective users in terms of their knowledge, motivation, experience and demographic factors.

Scenario creation

We write realistic scenarios based on the findings from the task analysis and user profiling, ensuring that the most commercially important areas of your website, software or product are included in the evaluation.

Usability criteria and metrics

Based on a thorough understanding of your business goals, we create a set of criteria to assess the user experience for the most important tasks. By tracking performance against these criteria during the usability testing, we can clearly reveal the main usability concerns and monitor the design progress.

How our consultancy services work

User Vision can work with your design team from the start, performing the above activities to ensure that your project always incorporates the requirements of the end user. The scale of the project and its objectives will determine the level of involvement, whether it is working on a daily basis for a fixed period, or ad-hoc consultancy at crucial junctures of the project.

The specified work and subsequent analysis is summarised in concise, jargon-free reports that can be easily applied by the design team. We can also present the results to the development team and discuss the implications for the design of the website, software, or product.

What to do next 

To find out how user centred design can benefit your organisation and to receive a no obligation quotation then please contact us.

User Vision quickly developed an understanding of the issues we face with the website as we move from developing to delivering the new national qualifications. Their insights showed how the structure and content needed to change to better meet the needs of our stakeholders. Their thorough research and evidence-based recommendations gave us a clear way forward and showed that the changes we’ve implemented have improved our service

Web Manager, Scottish Qualifications Authority.