User Vision Sponsors the Edinburgh Twestival 2009

10th September 2009

As you  may have noticed, User Vision has been 'tweeting' for the past several months and so (not surprisingly) we took the opportunity to be a sponsor of the Edinburgh Twestival 2009.

So what is a Twestival?Link opens in a new window It is an international movement where fans and users of the microblogging service Twitter go offline to meet face to face for a fun night in support of a good cause. That night in Edinburgh is Thursday 10th September 2009.

It will be held at Electric Circus, 36-39 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DFLink opens in a new window , and will be a night of bands, raffles and of course, tweeting! It will not only be a fun night out but money raised from the event will go to CLIC SargentLink opens in a new window , Scotland's leading children's cancer charity.

We are looking forward to Edinburgh Twestival and would love to see you there! Tickets are still available onlineLink opens in a new window so please come along and tweet with us!

Edinburgh Twestival 2009

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