World Usability Day 2008

17th November 2008


The 13th of November was a hub of activity once again as User Vision celebrated World Usability Day.  For the 4th year running, User Vision opened its doors to educate the masses in good usability and accessibility practice.

The theme for this year's World Usability Day was transportation and as such User Vision designed "a trip through the user experience", an interactive series of demonstrations and workshops covering all things travel. As always the event was designed to be informative but most importantly enjoyable.  Participants found themselves taking part in a number of different activities across a range of platforms including iTV, Web and mobile.

Our workshops and demonstrations included:

  • Man trying the iTV hazard challenge with TV and remote"Car sorting" - An online card sorting challenge where participants had to group certain car types together.
  • Lost with your iPhone? - A task designed to test the iPhone to the limits, could it help delegates get the directions they needed?
  • "Did you pass your driving test?" -  Participants got the opportunity to test the latest iTV software that allows you to practice for the hazard perception portion of your Driving theory test.
  • Mobile mapping for the Blind - Attendees met with blind user Monty Lilburn and got to see his specially designed software that helps him find his way.
  • "Where did you look?" - A demonstration showcasing the remarkable iMotions technology that can tell the emotional impact an advert can have on your users.
  • User Experience DIY - We let participants in on a few secrets and showed them how to conduct a user experience evaluation.
  • Mobile vs Web- Our participants got to test out some travel websites on a mobile and see how they differ from their web counterparts.

Picture of Monty Lilburn giving his presentationThe highlight of the event was most definitely the presentation given by Monty Lilburn and our resident accessibility expert Mark Palmer.  Monty is one of our blind accessibility testers who has developed a remarkable navigational aid for the blind. Monty kept our visitors entertained with a fascinating and informative presentation which included a short video of LoadstoneLink opens in a new window in action.

Loadstone is a revolutionary piece of software that combines GPS and voice talk synthesis via a user's mobile phone. Loadstone works by essentially using the GPS to identify where the user is and then reads out directions through the mobile phone to direct the person to where they want to go. Amazingly Monty and his developers have designed this software on an "open source" basis meaning that anyone can download it completely free of charge.

As a result of being showcased at User Vision's special event, Monty's new technology has been recognised in the national media with an article recently appearing in The Sunday Times .

The World Usability Day event at User Vision was a fantastic success, and once again the User Vision team thoroughly enjoyed highlighting the importance of usability and accessibility in today's fast paced world. 

More pictures from the event

A man tryring out our iMotions software showing an advert on a monitor with a moderator

Our iMotions techonology in action!

A man using an iPhone with a moderator

So how easy is the iPhone to use?

A women using posters to conduct a usability evaluation

One of our participants trying their hand at a usability evaluation.

The tutor was very knowledgeable in the subject and presented it in an easy to understand manner.

User Vision training delegate.