Student research published

30th October 2008

A paper describing a recent study carried out by User Vision has been accepted at the prestigious international conference on human computer interaction - NordiCHI 2008 in Lund in Sweden 18-20th October.

It was written by an Subhrajit Das, an undergraduate student at IIT Guwuhati in India, who was internee at User Vision in June 2008, and co-written with our Usability Analyst, Donna Douglas, and Tom McEwan from our partner Napier University Centre for Interaction Design.

The paper describes the initial eyetracking study we did to shed light on that perennial problem - what is the best way to align the labels in online forms. We discovered that, contrary to recent publications, right-aligned labels are fast on average to process than top-aligned labels, and that left aligned labels are slowest of all.

Full details of the conference can be found on the NordiCHI 2008 website

The tutor was very knowledgeable in the subject and presented it in an easy to understand manner.

User Vision training delegate.