Sell me an experience, not a package holiday!

4th April 2011

Selecting and purchasing a holiday is a big-ticket item – a once a year purchase that people are determined to get right

User Experience Review - B&Q

15th March 2011

B&Q operates in a difficult space for online shopping since they sell several thousand different products ranging from electrical fuses to cement mixers.

User Experience Review - Sainsbury's online shopping

3rd March 2011

Doing your weekly grocery shop from the comfort of your sofa is becoming increasingly attractive to many consumers and Sainsbury’s is one of the supermarket giants that offer this service to their customers.

User Experience Review - Marks and Spencer

22nd February 2011

Senior Usability Consultant at User Vision, Mark Westwater, writes for Internet Retailing

World Usability Day 2010: Facebook Privacy Settings

7th January 2011

Facebook is currently the world’s largest social networking and communication-based site, which according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has somewhere in the region of 500 million registered users, 50% of whom are logging on to the site daily.

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Good mobile shopping experiences reinforce brand loyalty, with 32% more likely to buy online and 31% more likely to buy offline, or recommend.

ForeSee Results Survey, 2011.