Mobile Government - Transforming Public Service Delivery

17th April 2006

The benefits, opportunities and lessons learnt in mobilising the public sector were clearly in evidence at this year's Mobile Government event. In ensuring success, enthusiasm certainly helps - but careful planning is absolutely vital. This article presents the highlights from Gov Net's annual Mobile Government 2006 conference.

Beyond Usability Testing

17th March 2006

In this article we discuss what lies beyond usability testing: using ISO international standards as a basis we detail the range of activities that make up user-centred design.

Mobile usability white paper

14th March 2006

Our mobile usability white paper is based on a research study which set out to examine, in detail, the usability of mobile phone handsets.

World Usability Day at User Vision 2005

22nd November 2005

On World Usability Day User Vision played host to over 50 visitors trying to meet the challenge of User Vision's 'Usability Obstacle Course'.

Breakthroughs in usable design

13th August 2005

This research, conducted by User Vision, asked 500 consumers to rate in terms of usefulness a range of everyday products and services which have made everyday tasks easier.

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Fortune 1000 companies that do not adopt usability engineering practices waste approximately $1.5M to $2.1M each year on website redesigns without knowing whether the experience of customers is improved

Forrester Research Group, Why most web sites fail.