BBC Makes TV and the Internet Platform Free

21st April 2009

The advent of digital production and distribution presents the opportunity for users to have more control over the way they view digital media, and at the same time access it through an increasing number of platforms.

User Experience Review - - March 2009

30th March 2009

In usability terms, Amazon is often referenced by experts as providing examples of good practice. Being voted most inspirational retailer in the Internet Retailing Inspiration Index has proved that Amazon is very successful in harnessing its user experience to drive sales. Although some may accuse Amazon of being quite a cluttered and busy website, there are a number of individual design elements which are useful and time saving for customers.

User Experience review - Usability of M&S

26th February 2009

Marks and Spencer’s website is not the worst example of a site with usability issues. In fact there are many examples of good usability. However, no website is ever perfect and there are always things that a company can do to improve their customers’ online experience.

Booking Festival tickets online has Fringe benefits.

28th July 2008

Jamie Sands take a look at the both the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see if anything has improved since our last review in 2004

Economic Downturn Puts Website Usability into Focus

22nd July 2008

A recent report identified that despite the current economic downturn online retailers are experiencing a surge in online sales. Lorraine Paterson looks at the key usability aspects that online retailers must consider in order to be a success.

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