Accessibility challenges when recycling

18th November 2009

User Vision filmed a short movie with Ken Reid, one of our blind usability test participants, discussing difficulties Ken faces when recycling.

Essential Research for Information Architecture Design

17th November 2009

An examination of how we recycle, using card sorting to find the most common and usable categorisation.

Usability of Carbon Footprint Calculators

16th November 2009

We review how online Carbon Footprint Calculators can help people into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Comparing the usability of green energy websites

10th November 2009

Expert usability review of energy comparison websites

Usability: ‘Lovely software. But I can’t work it’

19th June 2009

Chris Rourke from User Vision talks usability in Financial Times Digital Business. The article was published on 17th June 2009 in Financial Times Digital Business.

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The course was extremely interesting and very useful. It has clarified a lot of dark areas on Usability and IA and really inspired us to go out there and start applying new techniques with our clients and educate them on the importance of IA and Usability testing.

User Vision training delegate.