Articles published in 2011

Co-operative paper prototype design

1st December 2011

Using paper prototyping to design an iPad app for a supermarket at World usability Day 2011.

The eyes have it

30th November 2011

At WUD 2011 we looked specifically at luxury sports cars, examining which types of images have the most impact and if certain brands have more emotional impact.

Uncovering users' emotions

30th November 2011

A review of facial recognition software that helps us identify and act upon users' emotional responses to advertising.

Google+ versus Facebook - a UX showdown

29th November 2011

At World Usability Day 2011 the User Vision team investigated how Google+ and Facebook share different types of information with different people.

User experience comparison: QR vs. AR codes

28th November 2011

At World Usability Day 2011, User Vision asked whether QR and AR codes are really the future of interactive marketing.

World Usability Day 2011 at User Vision

25th November 2011

This year’s event showcased some of the industry’s newest technologies alongside some established UX techniques and the discussion of new interaction styles and methods as well as a highly successful talk from Jonathan Hassell previously with the BBC on British Standard 8878 - Building accessible experiences for disabled people – Code of practice.

iOS 5 - Worth the effort?

18th October 2011

Senior Consultant, Mark Westwater writes his view on the new iOS.5 software

What's Wonga with sliders?

11th August 2011

How usable is’s new slider interactivity?

User Experience Review - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

1st August 2011

Managing Director of User Vision, Chris Rourke reviews The Edinburgh Fringe site

Eye-tracking the Kinect

13th July 2011

User Vision's Senior Consultant Simon Duke used the latest eye-tracking technology to explore the in-game experience for players using the Kinect console add-on.

User Vision is right on CUE for latest usability methods study

17th June 2011

Several experienced usability professionals, including Stephen Denning of User Vision, independently observed five usability test videos and reported their observations.

User Experience Review - Boden

16th June 2011

User Vision write for Internet Retailing

User Experience Review - Selfridges

16th June 2011

Usability Consultant Jamie Sands writes for Internet retailing magazine

User Experience Review - Mr Porter

15th June 2011

Usability Consultant Jamie Sands writes for Internet retailing magazine

User Experience Review - GAP

25th May 2011

Despite having more than 130 high-street stores in the UK and Ireland, Gap’s online presence has lagged behind, with the UK e-commerce site only launching in August 2010.

User Experience Review - Waitrose

19th May 2011

The UK leads the world in online grocery shopping, with a reported 16% of UK web-users purchasing grocery items online in 2010.

Sell me an experience, not a package holiday!

4th April 2011

Selecting and purchasing a holiday is a big-ticket item – a once a year purchase that people are determined to get right

User Experience Review - B&Q

15th March 2011

B&Q operates in a difficult space for online shopping since they sell several thousand different products ranging from electrical fuses to cement mixers.

User Experience Review - Sainsbury's online shopping

3rd March 2011

Doing your weekly grocery shop from the comfort of your sofa is becoming increasingly attractive to many consumers and Sainsbury’s is one of the supermarket giants that offer this service to their customers.

User Experience Review - Marks and Spencer

22nd February 2011

Senior Usability Consultant at User Vision, Mark Westwater, writes for Internet Retailing

World Usability Day 2010: Facebook Privacy Settings

7th January 2011

Facebook is currently the world’s largest social networking and communication-based site, which according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has somewhere in the region of 500 million registered users, 50% of whom are logging on to the site daily.

Having our website examined by a specialist in the field was one benefit. Having the site used by some of our potential audience and the results being captured in a structured and systematic way was of help to us in developing our project, and it provides independent data for stakeholders in the Authority.

Digital Media Officer, Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

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