Articles published in 2009

User Vision's World Usability Day 2009 open house

18th November 2009

Over 70 clients joined the User Vision team for another great World Usability Day event - read about our event.

It's getting hot in here

18th November 2009

Usability testing from World Usability Day 2009 of Honeywell's new climate controller.

Accessibility challenges when recycling

18th November 2009

User Vision filmed a short movie with Ken Reid, one of our blind usability test participants, discussing difficulties Ken faces when recycling.

Essential Research for Information Architecture Design

17th November 2009

An examination of how we recycle, using card sorting to find the most common and usable categorisation.

Usability of Carbon Footprint Calculators

16th November 2009

We review how online Carbon Footprint Calculators can help people into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Comparing the usability of green energy websites

10th November 2009

Expert usability review of energy comparison websites

Usability: ‘Lovely software. But I can’t work it’

19th June 2009

Chris Rourke from User Vision talks usability in Financial Times Digital Business. The article was published on 17th June 2009 in Financial Times Digital Business.

User Experience Review - - May 2009

1st June 2009

So, what do you do after you’ve built a successful business in the form of Well Brent Hoberman has created mydeco . Bringing together furniture and home design products from 750 retailers and 150 independent design boutiques, its mission is to be the “first stop to design and shop for your home.”

How To Design for the Mobile Web

1st June 2009

As an industry, we are becoming increasingly aware that designing for the mobile web is not like designing for the desktop web. No longer is it acceptable to utilise a full function website across multiple platforms. Dedicated mobile websites are on the increase, but are still not sufficiently prevalent to make the mobile user experience a straightforward one for all.

Review of Twitter Client Managers for PCs

29th May 2009

The second in our series of Twitter reviews focuses on the client managers used to administer Twitter account(s). Managing multiple accounts and tracking incoming tweets in real time are important features which Twitter currently does not support. As a result, many external client managers have been created to cope with these demands. In this article a selection of popular client managers has been examined to determine which is the most useful and easy to use.

Recession Proof Usability

18th May 2009

It’s a recession, and people’s confidence in purchasing has plummeted. The lack of pounds in their pockets is effectively an extra barrier to purchasing. Yet online sales have continued to rise. This is because online, customers can seek out greater value. But you can act to exploit this trend. If the recession is one barrier you can’t fix, there will be usability barriers on your site that you can, and make it easier for visitors to become customers.

Usability of Twitter Search Services

7th May 2009

Twitter has grown in popularity over the last 6 months. This increase in users has attracted developers seeking to create new Twitter applications to improve your Twitter experience.

BBC Makes TV and the Internet Platform Free

21st April 2009

The advent of digital production and distribution presents the opportunity for users to have more control over the way they view digital media, and at the same time access it through an increasing number of platforms.

User Experience Review - - March 2009

30th March 2009

In usability terms, Amazon is often referenced by experts as providing examples of good practice. Being voted most inspirational retailer in the Internet Retailing Inspiration Index has proved that Amazon is very successful in harnessing its user experience to drive sales. Although some may accuse Amazon of being quite a cluttered and busy website, there are a number of individual design elements which are useful and time saving for customers.

User Experience review - Usability of M&S

26th February 2009

Marks and Spencer’s website is not the worst example of a site with usability issues. In fact there are many examples of good usability. However, no website is ever perfect and there are always things that a company can do to improve their customers’ online experience.

The project was carried out professionally and the results will prove useful in shaping our future actions and strategy

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