Articles published in 2008

Booking Festival tickets online has Fringe benefits.

28th July 2008

Jamie Sands take a look at the both the Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see if anything has improved since our last review in 2004

Economic Downturn Puts Website Usability into Focus

22nd July 2008

A recent report identified that despite the current economic downturn online retailers are experiencing a surge in online sales. Lorraine Paterson looks at the key usability aspects that online retailers must consider in order to be a success.

10 things you should know about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

9th June 2008

Mark Palmer identifies the 10 key elements of WCAG 2.0

Usability vs Branding? - Usability is Branding

2nd June 2008

This article explains that there is no conflict between branding and usability. It is an apparition that stems from a basic misunderstanding of what a brand is.

Internal Search: 7 ways to ensure your users can find your information

27th May 2008

We take a look at internal search and how it fairs alongside the mighty Google. We identify the major mistakes made with internal search and identify the 7 keys to ensure your users can locate your information.

Amex woes highlight common PDF accessibility problem

9th April 2008

Chris Rourke discusses the well publicised problems with American Express' inaccessible PDFs

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