Articles published in 2005

World Usability Day at User Vision 2005

22nd November 2005

On World Usability Day User Vision played host to over 50 visitors trying to meet the challenge of User Vision's 'Usability Obstacle Course'.

Breakthroughs in usable design

13th August 2005

This research, conducted by User Vision, asked 500 consumers to rate in terms of usefulness a range of everyday products and services which have made everyday tasks easier.

Can you set the video?

11th May 2005

In a research study carried out by leading user-experience consultancy User Vision setting the video to record and installing a child car seat were cited as the most popular sources of consumer frustration in everyday life.

On the usability and accessibility campaign trail

25th April 2005

In the run up to the British general election on 5th May 2005 User Vision reviewed six political party websites. Do these parties seize the opportunity of exploiting this flexible channel to reach out to their voters?

Usable web pages for mobile devices

2nd March 2005

Creating web pages that are displayed in a usable manner on small screen devices is becoming increasingly important.

Usability guide to donations

25th February 2005

Drawing on a review of charity websites and User Vision's own experience of transactional websites we have come up with eight basic points to make ensure online donates are a quick and cost effective way for charities to raise money.

The starting point for any web project should be a task analysis of the information and features that users need. The second step is to construct information architecture for this content.

Jakob Nielsen.

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