Articles published in 2004

Contextual Keyword Advertising

18th August 2004

In response to an article published on the Brand Republic website User Vision took a look at IntelliTxt ‘contextual keyword advertising’ in action on the website and found that it badly affected the user experience.

The Show Will Go On(line): The Edinburgh Festival

2nd July 2004

During the 2004 Edinburgh festival season, User Vision had a look at two of the festival websites: the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe festival to see what experience festival goers can expect if they purchase their tickets online.

User Friendly e-Banking

25th April 2004

The online banking market is very competitive. Usability and accessibility barriers are not just frustrating for online customers, they are very expensive for banks. This article, written for the Scottish Banker Magazine April/May 2004, outlines the fundamental usability problems which contribute to 50% of potential customers who abandon their online application.

80% of companies believe they deliver a 'superior experience' to their customers, but only 8% of their customers agree.

Bain & Company, Harvard Management Update.

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