Articles published in 2003

Usability Hinders mPARK-ers in Edinburgh

12th December 2003

mPARK, a new innovative system of paying for parking meter tickets from your mobile was launched on 31st October 2003 in Edinburgh. We set out to discover how usable and accessible the new system is.

CUE-4 : usability best practices

10th August 2003

Usability tests and expert reviews are staple methods of the field of human-computer interaction, but how effective are they? This has been the question behind the series of Competitive Usability Evaluation (CUE) studies, and Chris Rourke reports on the most recent one.

Customer Service: Roll out the red carpet treatment

6th April 2003

The old adage of customer is king is as valid today as it's ever been. By designing for what customers want, rather than what the technology can offer, companies can reap great rewards.

81% of shoppers said convenience was an important factor of e-commerce. 59% only shop at sites that they are used to and comfortable with.

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