Articles published in 2002

Practical information architecture

10th June 2002

How to build a solid foundation for your site.

Usability and UML

15th February 2002

Is Unified Modelling Language a 'Trojan horse' for introducing user-centred design principles into software design?

Creating a Usable Site for Citizens

1st February 2002

When evidence showed their current site was not performing well for citizens, Aberdeen City Council (ACC) turned to Scotland’s leading usability consultancy, User Vision, to identify the usability issues and put things back on the right track.

Usability in 2002

10th January 2002

How we saw technology and the usability field change in 2002.

Fortune 1000 companies each spend an average of $2million per year on site redesigns, without knowing if the redesign made the site easier to use.

Forrester Research.

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