Usability Professionals Association Conference 2012

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5th–7th June 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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UPA 2012 is taking place in Las Vegas, USA, and will explore all the opportunities usability professionals have to be leaders that shape not just human experiences, but also the business and technology world. Themes of influence, power, authority, and initiative will be prevalent as strategies for encouraging Leadership in the field of usability will be discussed and developed.

Chris Rourke and Stephen Denning will be presenting a case study relating to User Vision’s creation of regional web accessibility guidelines in Abu Dhabi, which has implications for the Middle East where traditionally web accessibility has been poorly implemented. The guidelines creation process also had other findings on essential elements for a successful accessibility "market" and the impact of cultural and social factors, which will be discussed in the session.

Stephen Denning will also be taking part in a panel presentation on “Mentoring new and junior UX professionals”.

The project was carried out professionally and the results will prove useful in shaping our future actions and strategy

Web Manager, , Royal Bank of Scotland, Retail Banking.