World Usability Day 2011

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10th November 2011
User Vision offices, 55 North Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3QA.
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  World Usability Day



In preparation for World Usability Day 2011 Link opens in a new window User Vision will be demonstrating how usability impacts users’ change in social behavior as a result of learning new techniques for interaction and using new tools to perform actions – for example, the role of social media in online marketing and how new devices may impact our understanding of information.  

On Thursday 10th November, User Vision will be opening the doors of their head office in Edinburgh and offering on a range of free fun and interesting interactive activities for visitors.  During this event we will be offering you the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of usability, accessibility and user experience activities investigating the role of technology on social behaviour. Some of the activities this year will be:

The BBC’s approach to accessibility and BS 8878 

Jonathan HassellOur special guest speaker, Jonathan HassellLink opens in a new window , our client from the BBC, will present a special discussion on the development of this web accessibility code of practice BS 8878 with examples from the BBC’s My Display tool. 



Online engagement of offline brands

Social media AppsBusinesses now see Social Media as an essential tool for promotion, communication and marketing with its customers, but what makes for effective social media marketing when first impressions are critical? 



Co-operative prototype designing

Interaction DesignEveryone has an opinion and everyone would like to think they understand good design, after all what they like or expect is what everyone else will like and expect – isn’t it? The concept of iterative design also suggests that the more times a design is revised, the more it should improve. This demonstration aims to get users involved in a ‘live’ interative prototype design process to investigate the user experience outcomes.

Does the medium effect the message?

Tablet ImageToday users consume information in a variety of methods – traditional paper copy and through the web using desktop and mobile displays. The introduction of tablet computing also adds another device to this list. The aim of this demonstration is to not only look at user level of recall when using different devices, but also how they interact with each device using eye tracking technology

How to book

If you would like to attend you can:

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It will be an 'open house' from 2.00pm to 6.00pm, so feel free to pop in and get involved in this unique and worthwhile experience. We will be serving light refreshments throughout the afternoon and the event is free! 

Also on World Usability Day our colleagues in the User Vision Dubai office will be launching a photo competition inviting regional entrants to submit a picture on this year’s theme of “Designing for Social Change” .

We would love to see you on the day.

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