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Return on investment calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much improving your site’s usability will increase your revenues.

Improving the user experience raises the conversion rate (the total number of transactions divided by the total number of visits during a given period). The calculator allows you to see the benefits from improvements to the conversion rate which are low (0.5%), medium (1%), high (2%). In reality, we have helped clients achieve much greater increases in their conversion rates, easily providing a substantial return on their initial investment.

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Tesco Bank has worked closely with User Vision for a number of years and utilise their expertise in usability testing, customer research and user experience development. User Vision are an extension of our Digital team and we have a strong working relationship. Their services have contributed to the success of the bank and we have always found the team at User Vision very responsive, accommodating, hardworking and a strong match for our culture and values at Tesco.

Head of Digital Operations, Tesco Bank.