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Return on investment

The ultimate criterion for selecting any development project activity is the return on investment; how it's going to impact on your bottom line. The benefits of introducing select usability activities throughout development have been shown time and time again to far outweigh the associated costs. A typical return is anywhere between £10 and £100 for every £1 spent on usability (Compuware: Usability is Good Business) — a rather staggering figure.

Moreover, if you're in commerce, any delay in getting your product, software or online service onto the market can give your competitors that critical advantage and severely affect your profit margin. Applying carefully targeted usability methods during development can help you create a better product/service by reducing re-engineering in later cycles. Usability helps you to "get it right" much sooner and lets you beat the competition to market.

If your prime consideration is the effective and efficient delivery of public services online, usability is also the best way to help you achieve this. By making your information and services easy to find and request, the goals of your organisation and users are much better met.

Try our online ROI calculator to gauge your potential return on investment by applying usability in your next project.

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The estimated return on investment (ROI) for usability engineering is somewhere in the 10:1 to 100:1 range.

Compuware, Usability is good business.