Our approach

Our focus is to help our clients provide a better and more effective experience to their users, leading to greater customer retention and, if applicable, a more profitable business. We constantly seek to both optimise the user experience and maximise the achievement of the business goals.

Our approach is very simple:

  • We listen to what you need and understand your requirements fully
  • We then select of the best usability services to meet those requirements
  • We set metrics to evaluate what we do and to prove the effectiveness of user centred design

We work with our clients at all stages throughout the development cycle, from researching user requirements and creating wire frames, to usability testing and post launch evaluation. We bring a common-sense approach to usability, ensuring our reports are written in plain English, not jargon.

More than 90% of our work is repeat business from existing clients. This is because usability is not an isolated part of the redesign or redevelopment process, but works best when incorporated in every step. This approach is the most cost effective in the long run and results in a usable product that has been verified by the target users at every stage. Clients that have benefited from our approach include Orange, Honeywell, The Economist, Scottish Executive and NHS Health Scotland.

The diagram below shows how we can help you, whichever stage of the development cycle you are at.

Circular diagram showing that usability is a continuous process

Our  case study for the Department of Trade and Industry shows how our Site Refresh programme fundamentally changed their approach to design and led to an award-winning and critically acclaimed site being created.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us call us on 0131 225 0850 or send us an email and let us know how we can help you.

Research indicates that £1 spent on advertising yielded £5 in total revenue, while £1 spent on customer experience improvements produced more than £60.

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